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    The EZ Way Out of Unemployment It’s the longest four-letter word: Unemployment.  And for millions of Americans, the job hunt drags on for more than a year.  For those with a high school degree or less, it’s even harder to find new work.  And too often, the replacement job will pay less than the lost […]

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    When we catch up with EZ Wheels Driving School’s recruitment liaison, we find someone single-handedly trying to fill the non-stop appetite of the trucking industry for drivers…  “I have so many companies looking for drivers with a commercial driver license,” he says, “that we have three job fairs this week alone, and I still can’t […]

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    The Quiet Rise of Forklift Jobs in America The Costco Craze — The Nesting Trend — DIY Makeover Mania Whatever you call it, all the trends point to one hard fact: Warehouse Stores are hot. Whether it’s pallets of tuna fish, paint cans or onesies… shoppers are scooping them up inside giant, cavernous stores. And […]

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    A Driving School Unlike The Rest Every business likes to claim it’s “the best”. Instead, employees at EZ Wheels Driving School tell potential students to ask its competitors one simple question: Do they offer one-on-one training? After more than 20 years in business, every instructor already knows the answer: “Other schools have 10-20 people per […]

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    A Native American’s Drive for the All American Dream Jack Mann’s ancestors – the Ramapough Lunaape Tribe – lived up in the mountains. Now, the Native American is conquering his own mountain. “I took too long to do it, but I feel completely ready now. I know what I wanna do, and I’m pushing for […]

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    Less than 24 hours after getting a Commercial Driver License (Class A CDL License) to drive trucks, Michael Migolla was climbing into the cab of an 18- wheeler for his first haul: a cross-country trip from New Jersey to California. The drive would take him through rain, sleet and his first-ever snowfall. Michael Migolla was […]

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