One-On-One Training Makes EZ Wheels #1

A Driving School Unlike The Rest

Every business likes to claim it’s “the best”.

Instead, employees at EZ Wheels Driving School tell potential students to ask its competitors one simple question: Do they offer one-on-one training? After more than 20 years in business, every instructor already knows the answer: “Other schools have 10-20 people per truck.” Since 1996, EZ Wheels has pledged to offer something better: One-On-One Real Hands-On Training.

“After students pass the written test, other schools will have you share one truck and one instructor with 10 to 20 people,” says one instructor, who used to teach at a competing school. What does that mean for you, the student? “It means that in an 8-hour day, your actual hands-on training inside the truck may be an hour, at best.” But one-on-one training means every hour of your training COUNTS.

It’s simple: 1 instructor, 1 truck, 1 student. “Group training is what most of our competition does,” explains one supervisor, who says EZ Wheels insists on an approach that respects every student’s time. And it’s working. Twenty years since opening its doors, EZ Wheels has added “wheels”… growing from one office to five throughout New Jersey. And true to the personalized, family approach of its owner, many of the employees have been there since the very beginning, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Tailor-Made Class Packages…No One-Size-Fits-All

Have you driven before? Do you need a refresher course? Have you only driven a subcompact? EZ offers tailored packages. No one size fits all & no one price fits all. “We are unique this way,” says the customer liaison…”We don’t treat our clients like a number, we treat them like family. We respect your time and give you a great, personal experience.” And at the school where everybody knows your name, students have access to training 7 days a week, including evenings. “We try to make it as easy as possible for people,” says a longtime instructor. And it’s a formula that brings people back. Brothers have recommended brothers… Fathers have brought in their daughters… Daughters have recommended their fathers… Cousins attend school together. It’s 20 years of positive word of mouth. More than 5000 students have graduated from EZ Wheels… truckers, forklift drivers, veterans, people looking for a second career, people who finally found a chance to earn a living they thought was out of reach…

1 on 1 cdl training
One new graduate recently stopped by the EZ Wheels office to show off his new commercial driver and put it this way: “I would’ve done this sooner if I”d known how incredible it would be!,” then looking around at the smiling staff, added “You have made all the difference.”