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GI Bill to hep fill Trucking Demand

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GI Bill to hep fill Trucking DemandEZ Wheels Driving School is proud to be an approved educational and job training CDL school in the state of New Jersey. “The Post 9/11 GI Bill offers greater benefits than ever”. “In July of 2008 the Post 9/11 GI Bill was signed into law, creating a new robust educational benefit program rivaling the WWII era GI Bill of Rights” according to the department of veterans affairs. This coupled with the fact that the demand in the trucking and transportation industry is so high; make the combination a positive for service members looking for a new career.

GI Bill to hep fill Trucking Demand

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, The demand for commercial truck drivers is expected to grow by 21 percent through the year 2020. This is an extended time for real job growth. This coupled with the fact that the average trucker was 48 years old in 2012 and 21 percent of commercial truck drivers are 55 to 65 years old. Indicate that this is the time to start a career in the trucking business.

Work environment

Working conditions for truckers have improved tremendously over the years. A well trained driver is in such demand that the choices of over the road – cross country jobs, regional or local truck routes are yours. The bigger rigs have all the modern amenities for the drivers comfort. Also, the industry offers many opportunities for pay raises and advancement. There is more and more opportunity of “couple teams” that can easily pull in over six figures. Or, if being more of an independent is more your speed then becoming an owner/operator could be the path you prefer. Regardless what you desires are, the work environment is right for a productive and fulfilling career.

Helpful links about the GI BILL

The Post 9/11 GI BILL offers so much. Finding the correct information can be tricky. We have gathered some helpful links that should provide some valuable information.

GI BILL WEBSITE; “The Home for All Educational Benefits Provided by the Department OF Veterans Affairs”

BENEFIT RESOURCES; Includes information Rate tables/ Educational programs/Handouts and Brochures



If you are looking for specific information on how EZ Wheels Driving School can prepare you for a career in the trucking industry. We would be honored to speak with you. We will gladly assist you with any information you would need in obtaining the benefits you have earned and deserve

Truck Driving Past Minimum Wage: Now Hiring

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What do a Technology Project Manager, a Business Graduate, and a Trucker have in common?
The same starting salary when they come out of school.

“Students can start making $52,000 a year as beginners,” says one instructor who has graduated countless truckers from EZ Wheels Driving School.

“It takes people 4 years and a big college bill to make that kind of money,” says the school’s job placement specialist, “Here, it can take one Truck Driving Past Minimum Wage to three months, depending on whether you study full or part-time.”

According to the latest salary figures published Money Magazine, that $52,000 figure beats the average starting salary among all new college graduates: $45,478.

The numbers are even more impressive when you consider what the median annual salary for a High School graduate is according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: $33,176.

Professional Pay Despite Language Limits

Jose P. came to the USA at 22, eager to pursue the American Dream. But going to college with no money and broken English was no option. Being a trucker sounded like an exciting way to get to know his new country, so Jose saved up $3000 to attend EZ Wheels Trucking School.

“I was working 12 hours a day at a factory, and I knew I wanted a better life,” he says.

In three months, Jose had his Class C Commercial Driving License and was driving tractor-trailers cross-country, making the kind of money that would let him buy his first home and provide for his mother. Gaining more experience over the years has only meant making more money.

“I earn in one week what it used to take me a month,” says Jose, whose trucking career allowed him to make good money AND improve his English on the road, all the while supporting his growing family and fulfilling his American Dream and seeing America from sea to shining sea.

“I couldn’t be happier with my decision to drive for a living,” he says.

No College, No Problem in this High-Paying Profession

“I wanted to study Criminal Justice,” says Cody M., but when his high school sweetheart had their first baby right after graduation “It changed everything. I wasn’t able to go to college.”

The New Jersey native bounced from one job to another, always looking for something that paid just a little bit more to support his growing family. Getting his Class B Commercial Driver License at EZ Wheels Driving School is the dawn of a brand new dream for the young dad:

“I would like to be able to pay for my kids to go to college and pay for whatever they need,” says Cody. “This is a new beginning, a chance to have the career I never had.”

Unbeatable Job Flexibility

If anyone understands the great advantages of a trucking career, it’s EZ Wheels’ own instructors, who have experience as truckers themselves.

“If you want to see the country, you can do that,” says one Passaic-based instructor, “If you want to drive locally and sleep in your bed every night, you can do that. The job flexibility is incredible. If there are parts of the country you prefer to drive, you can find those routes. You can drive all the time, or you can drive part-time. You can drive alone or with a partner. It’s completely up to you.”

“We are proud of our student’s success,” says another longtime EZ Wheels instructor, “I see people graduate and then I see them down the line, happy and successful. They come by and visit the school, they stop me when I’m out with my kids to thank me.”

“Everybody who has come through these doors, starting with each of us in this office, is proof,” says the Chief Instructor, “that with drive, you have no limits to achieving your American Dream.”

Trucking Jobs Continue to Grow

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Trucking Jobs are in High Demand and are expected to grow by 21 percent through 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.The U.S. trucking industry is expected to create more than 330,000 jobs by the end of the decade. This expected growth coupled with current driver retirements, recent regulations, and competition from other sources, will put Trucking jobs in high demand. Trucking companies are motivated to find new drivers and are becoming more aggressive in trying to retain their current employees by offering bonuses, pay incentives and better working conditions.

trucking jobs
During this period, the trucking industry is expected to create more jobs than all but seven other occupations including registered nurses (711,900 additional jobs), retail sales workers (706,800 jobs), home health aides (706,300 jobs), personal care aides (607,000 jobs) and office and other clerks (489,500).

The demand for drivers includes

  • Long-Haul Drivers
  • Heavy Duty Operators
  • Hazardous Material
  • Delivery Driver’s
  • Fork lift operators

As many sectors of the job market still struggle, a career as a driver may be just the ticket to get you on track. Here are some other reasons why a career as a driver is appealing.

Excellent Pay

Since well-trained truck drivers are in such high demand across the country, new drivers are able to enjoy high starting wages. As drivers gain more experience behind-the-wheel, they can earn even better pay.

Job Security

Truck driving is ideal for individuals who want to be able to move around the country and always find a job. Skilled and safe drivers will always find steady employment since transportation services are in high demand.

Complete Coverage Many trucking companies offer complete health benefits including vision, dental, and worker’s compensation insurance for truck drivers and their families.

Signing Bonuses

To attract new truck drivers, many companies offer signing bonuses as much as $5,000 in addition to substantial starting wages.

To become a commercial driver in the state of NJ

You must get or already have a basic New Jersey Driver License first.
There are different Commercial Driver Licenses (CDL) classes depending on the commercial vehicle that you will be driving¬. Each CDL class has its own regulations.

From the State of NJ Motor Vehicle Commission

Class A includes

  • Tractor trailers
  • Any truck and trailer combination with a gross combined weight rating (GCWR) of 26,001 or more pounds – provided that the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of the vehicle being towed is more than 10,000 pounds
  • Any vehicle in B, C or D categories, if you have qualified for the proper extra endorsements

Class B includes

  • Any vehicle with a GVWR of 26,001 or more pounds
  • A vehicle with a GVWR of 26,001 or more pounds towing a trailer with a GVWR of less than 10,000 pounds
  • A bus with a GVWR of 26,001 or more pounds designed to transport 16 or more passengers (including driver)
  • Vehicles in Class C and D categories – provided you have qualified for the proper extra endorsements

Class C includes

  • Any vehicle with a GVWR of less than 26,001 pounds used to transport hazardous material (with mandatory placard)
  • Any bus designed to carry 16 or more passengers (including the driver) and with a GVWR of less than 26,001 pounds
  • School vehicles designed for 15 passengers or less (including the driver)
  • Any bus or vehicle used for hire and designed to transport eight to 15 passengers (including the driver)

This is an exciting time to start a career as a commercial truck driver. If you are ready to start a rewarding career in trucking we are offering this specail to help you get started today. CLICK NOW

CDL Refresher Course Drivers Needed, Get Ready

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CDL Refresher Course can get you back on track and in line for a better career.  At EZ Wheels Driving School we receive many questions from some truck drivers asking if they need a CDL Class A refresher course.  We also train many students/drivers who already know that they want and need the CDL refresher course before they can get a driving job. CDL Refresher Course

When you need a refresher course, you have already had the experience of going through a course or training and have not used it for a while.  You may not have the experience on updated and newer equipment.   Maybe you want to take advantage of the HIGH Demand for drivers and are ready to get that driving job you have always wanted.  Whatever the reason a CDL Refresher Course could be the answer.

What you may not realize is that all driving schools are not the same.  One of the reasons EZ Wheels Driving School is so popular is the fact that we offer 1 on 1 training.  That’s right, with EZ Wheels you do not have to train or share valuable drive time with other students.  It’s just you, the truck and the EZ Wheels instructor.  We also offer flexible scheduling and weekend training so we meet your busy schedule.   We find the more convenient we make it, the better our students do.  Also, the better chance of completing the CDL Refresher Couse in a timely manner.

You have 2 different opportunities to take a CDL Refresher Course:

  1. Through a trucking company financial program
  2. Applying directly with our accredited CDL training program


The following are some guidelines to help identify whether you need a Refresher Course:


  • if you have acquired your CDL Class A License and have not gone to work with a trucking company within 60 days of your graduation date, you could be required to take a 40 hour CDL refresher course
  • if you have been off the road for 12 months or more, you will likely need a 40 hour CDL refresher course


We work with many of the different trucking companies.  It is important that once you have passed your training and licensing that you find the right job and company.  Our job placement program offers many different opportunities to our students.  Local jobs as well as long distant jobs.  We work with small regional truck driving companies as well as some of the biggest in the country.

With EZ Wheels Driving School we keep the focus on you the student, you work on passing your tests and we will help also take the next step in your career.

To sign up for a CDL Refresher Course click here CDL Enrollment

EZ Wheels Driving School Approved by New Jersey Workforce

The EZ Way Out of Unemployment

New Jersey workforce

It’s the longest four-letter word: Unemployment.  And for millions of Americans, the job hunt drags on for more than a year.  For those with a high school degree or less, it’s even harder to find new work.  And too often, the replacement job will pay less than the lost job.

The people at EZ Wheels Driving School know all of that.  And they know it doesn’t have to be that way.

“We work with the Workforce here in New Jersey,” explains an EZ Wheels office supervisor.  The driving and forklift school is approved by the State Department of Labor and Workforce Development to retrain New Jersey citizens and get them back into the workforce.

“I get calls everyday from trucking companies looking to hire,” says one employee, “And if someone comes to our school through any of the One-Stop Career Centers run by the state, they can get their commercial driver license paid for by the state.”

These One-Stop Career Centers offer financial aid to folks who’ve lost their jobs “to help you develop the skills needed to succeed in a 21st century work environment” according to the Workforce website.

And although times change, the 21st century needs the same thing the 20th century needed: commercial drivers.

The EZ Way Out of Unemployment and Into Work

“Man, I really thought I’d never make more than minimum wage,” says Clive Carter, a 35-year old New Jersey native who worked at a fabric store until the family-owned business where he’d worked since high school shut its doors.  

“I did whatever needed to be done…mop floors, make deliveries, unload boxes,” Clive remembers, “but when the store closed, I couldn’t find anything but part-time minimum wage jobs and no benefits.”

He ended up at EZ Wheels Driving School when a One-Stop Career Center counselor told Clive how much money he could make as a commercial truck or bus driver.
“My eyes lit up,” Clive chuckles, “I never thought I could ever make that much money in a year…at least not without three jobs!”

Still unsure about how hard it would be to get a commercial driver license, the unemployed Clive decided to stop by the Passaic office of EZ Wheels Driving School and liked what he saw:

“They were all so friendly and explained how I could study at my pace, and that the instructors would work with me one on one when it was time for me to practice driving,” says Clive, “so I figured, with Workforce paying for it, this is my best chance to move up in my life.”

Today, Clive is a proud holder of a Class B Commercial Driver License and a full-time Charter Bus Driver for a private company, making close to $50,000 a year.

“I love meeting new people every day, and I love working hard…but now, my paycheck lets me live a better life. I’m more comfortable, more relaxed, and honestly, I’m proud of myself,” says Clive, who admits “I thought I’d always work at the fabric store, and I was okay with that. But losing that job opened me up to the possibilities out there.”

Smiling, the New Jersey native figures losing his job and finding EZ Wheels Driving School “must’ve been my blessing in disguise.”

The Toll Unemployment Takes

It’s not just a financial hit.  For the unemployed, the toll also comes in the form of emotional distress, stress-induced health problems and the increasing difficulty of getting a new job the longer the unemployment period drags on.

“I’ve seen people transform after graduating from EZ Wheels,” says the recruitment liaison, “it’s incredible to see the look on their faces when I’ve told these guys I’ve got a job waiting for them. It’s like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders.”

“No one who can drive,” confirms Clive, “ever has to be unemployed. I’m your proof.”


When we catch up with EZ Wheels Driving School’s recruitment liaison, we find someone single-handedly trying to fill the non-stop appetite of the trucking industry for drivers…  “I have so many companies looking for drivers with a commercial driver license,” he says, “that we have three job fairs this week alone, and I still can’t get as many drivers as companies need.”

A field that pays well and desperately needs new recruits?
“I tell you,” says one office manager, “there are companies practically begging for drivers…both large and small companies.  We even post job openings on our Facebook page.”

In an era when all you hear about are layoffs or dropping wages, the field of commercial truck driving is booming.  So when EZ Wheels Driving School says it offers job placement services, it means it.  From local driving to cross-country hauls, EZ Wheels always knows about job openings.  After nearly 20 years in business, the school has developed relationships with scores of companies, local and national, and recruiters routinely call the school, hoping to fill open positions.

“Our need is for Class A drivers, especially in the busy summer season,” says Tom J., a recruiter for a soda company who needs drivers willing to off-load by hand: “Ours is pretty physically demanding.”

For Xavier T., it’s all about finding “someone who is dedicated and wants to go for it. It’s not hard, but it’s not easy. It’s about responsibility.”  A graduate of EZ Wheels himself, the business owner enjoys working with his old school to find potential drivers for his company: “I really like them. They help you a lot.”

EZ Wheel Driving School hosts a job fair at least twice a month, with recruiters coming out to one of EZ’s five New Jersey locations, looking for graduates or soon-to-be-graduates.

“I was driving to Philadelphia the day after graduating,” says Pedro V., who got his Class A Commercial Driver License after attending EZ Wheels for 10 weeks.  “I was literally sitting in the EZ Wheels office when they got a call from the guy who ended up hiring me,” says Pedro, who left his job managing an auto parts shop for a trucking career.

“Whenever one job has finished up, I’ve called EZ Wheels and the ladies at the office connect me with a new job,” says Rick P., who prefers driving freelance assignments to a full-time job with any one company, “I like to be able to take time off and decide when and where I want to drive,” he explains, “and the fact that EZ Wheels has so many connections to job recruiters is great for us graduates. They’re always happy to help us out.”

Job fairs and online job postings are just two of the ways EZ Wheels Driving School sets itself apart from its competition.  Because it’s not just about helping you get a CDL, it’s about offering job placement that will help you get to work and on the road to success.

New Rules and Regulation NJMVC

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New Rules and Regulation NJMVC

NJMVC has been making changes since last year in regards to rules and regulations to obtain a CDL License and maintain a CDL. These changes have come into effect following multiple accidents on the road involving truck drivers and bus drivers alike. These new rules have been placed into effect in an effort to reduce road accidents involving CDL Drivers. E-Z Wheels Driving School is very serious about road safety and we strive to impart our safe driving into all our students.

New Rules and Regulation

E-Z Wheels Driving School makes it a priority to keep current and prospective students up to date with all changes.

Changes that have been made in regards to obtaining a CDL are as follows:

  • Written Exams now expire after 360 days
  • Permit is valid for 6 months
  • CLP Examination Test Receipt (formerly CDL permit) is $125. This test receipt must be purchased before you can take your written and road tests.
  • CDL Paper Permit is now obsolete and is replaced by a digital CLP (Commercial Learner’s Permit) similar to the current CDL (Commercial Driver’s License)
  • ALL CDL Classes must attend a road test
  • Road Tests consist of a Pre-Trip Inspection of the inside (inside referring to inside of the hood) and outside of vehicles.
  • Vehicles will now be required to be driven out on public roads as part of road test


“NEW” CLP restrictions

  • K – Restriction for Intrastate only
  • L – Restriction for no vehicles with air brakes
  • P – No passenger restriction on CLP, if CLP has a P endorsement
  • V – Restriction for medical variance (the driver must also have the hard copy variance issued by FMCSA)
  • X – No Cargo in Tank restriction, if CLP has an N endorsement

These new rules have created mass confusion with students that were not aware of these changes; E-Z Wheels has taken action by easing the transition and coaching students every step of the way.

The more in depth road test requirements create the need of one on one hands on training; training that E-Z Wheels Driving School has always offered.

The Defensive Driving Course NJ Edition

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Why take the Defensive Driving Course in New Jersey?

The Defensive Driving Course NJ Edition

New Jersey defensive driving courses can be taken to:

  • Reduce up to 2 points from your driving record.
  • Earn an insurance discount.
  • Your ordered by the court to complete a traffic school course due to serious traffic violations.

How to get credit for the Defensive Driving Course NJ

When it comes Defensive Driving Course NJ Providers are not all made the same. Especially if you want your time and effort to count towards;

  • Lower insurance rates
  • Satisfying a court order
  • Reducing points off your NJ driver’s license

During your search, be sure you don’t go to just any website that promises the world all from the convenience of your own home. It is very, very important, especially in New Jersey, to take your defensive driving course from a state-approved licensed provider (like EZ Wheels Driving School). It is smart to attend your NJ traffic school in person, the course will be administered at a 3rd party location (not by the state of NJ), and you’ll be required to be in attendance for the entire duration of the course.

About Defensive Driving in NJ

Point Reduction

Taking a New Jersey defensive driving course for point reduction. After you have selected State-Approved Licensed Provider and have completed the course, 2 points will be removed from your New Jersey driver record. It’s important to know driving is a privilege, not a right, and if you accumulate too many points, your NJ driver’s license may be subject to suspension or revocation.

example of common driving infractions and the points that come with them.

  • Failure to stop your vehicle before a crosswalk: 2 points.
  • Driving through a safety zone: 2 points.
  • Failure to yield to emergency vehicles: 2 points.
  • Driving the wrong way on a one-way street: 2 points.
  • Improper turn: 3 points.
  • Improper U-turn: 3 points.
  • passing in a no passing zone: 4 points.
  • Exceeding speed limit 15 to 29 MPH over limit: 4 points.
  • Exceeding speed limit 30 MPH or more over limit: 5 points.
  • Reckless driving: 5 points.
  • Tailgating: 5 points.

NOTE: You may only receive a reduction of 2 points once every 5 years, and only if you have points on your driving record when you completed the course.

Insurance Discount

New Jersey defensive driving courses can also potentially decrease your car insurance rates. This only pertains if you choose to take the course on your own. If you have been ordered by the court to take the course most insurance companies will not lover the premium. In fact, depending on the infraction your insurance may go up.
What are the Defensive Driving Course Details?

The defensive driving course in New Jersey takes about 4 hours to complete. In some cases, it can take up to 8 hours.
The length of the final exam varies by state and is determined by the county where you received your violation. This number of questions on the exam will depend on your course. The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) and court regulations are the determining factors to decide if you’re able to retake the final exam if you don’t pass successfully.

Usually, your local court will send you a notice indicating if you are eligible to take a defensive driving course. However, as mentioned above, you should always check to see if you’re eligible BEFORE you enroll.

Check with your course provider to see when your deadline for completion is. Generally, if you do not successfully complete your course within the allotted time, you’ll fail the course and you won’t be eligible to get a refund.

I hope his brief article has helped give you some important general information about taking a Defensive Driving Course in NJ.

As Always, if you have any question about the defensive driving course, the times and locations of available classes, you can contact EZ WHEELS DRIVING SCHOOL by CLICKING HERE.

The best Defensive Driving School in NJ.


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The Quiet Rise of Forklift Jobs in America

The Costco Craze — The Nesting Trend — DIY Makeover Mania

Whatever you call it, all the trends point to one hard fact: Warehouse Stores are hot. Whether it’s pallets of tuna fish, paint cans or onesies… shoppers are scooping them up inside giant, cavernous stores.NEED A FORKLIFT

And someone has to put those pallets of merchandise there.

“Think BJs, Walmart, Home Depot, Big Lots, Shop Rite, and every big grocery store,” says one instructor at EZ Wheels Driving School. “They all need forklift operators. Lots of them.”

He should know. The demand for OSHA-Approved Forklift Certification classes at EZ

Wheels Driving School has shot through the roof.

“There are companies that will even pay to send their employees to us,” says the office manager, “So not only will some employees get a free education, they get a pay raise for the new special skill they bring to the job.”

The certification lasts for three years. And if you’re a graduate of EZ Wheels Driving School, you get a bonus: a discount on your recertification.

According to Salary-dot-Com, a Fork Lift Operator in New Jersey and New York typically commands a salary somewhere between $30,069-$38,535.

All it costs to get a Forklift Certificate and access to these jobs? 8 hours of your time and $300.


“Those are the best $300 I ever spent,” said Joe F., who got his certificate at EZ Wheels Driving School after more than 6 months on unemployment. “I gotta be honest,” said the 47-year old New Jersey native, “I was starting to feel pretty worthless. Like I’d never work again.”

After 15 years with the same company, Joe saw his manufacturing job move to China. Just like that, the husband and father of two teens found his skill sets weren’t much in demand in today’s job market.

When things were at their lowest, Joe found a job opening near his home at a warehouse. It “looked interesting” but required forklift certification. That lead him to EZ Wheels Driving School and the lucky break he had prayed for.

“It changed my life,” says Joe. “I get a little emotional thinking about it, but it really did.

The people at EZ Wheels made me feel comfortable at a really uncomfortable time in my life. They made me feel I could be valuable in the workplace again when I felt like I couldn’t provide for my family. They taught me everything I needed to know to operate a forklift. And they basically helped me get my life back on track.”

Today, Joe is not only working a full-time job with benefits, he’s already gotten his first promotion. And he’s eyeballing another.

“I wanna go back to EZ Wheels to get my Class B Commercial Driver License”, he laughs, “This old dog’s not done learning new tricks! My job could bump me up again if I have a CDL, so that’s next.”

It’s the kind of success story that makes EZ Wheels proud: “That,” smiles Joe’s instructor “is what it’s all about.”

Driving School