Teen Driving School

Teen Driving School

teen driving school

First-Time Drivers

All first-time drivers must complete the Graduated Driver License program, a law which came into effect January 1, 2001. The program is designed to reduce driving fatalities by ensuring that new drivers will be more capable of handling all types of driving situations. The steps required to get an unrestricted basic driver license vary depending on your age (see below).

16 year-olds: First you will prepare for your theory tests with our proven method of study. Once you are ready for your theory tests follow these steps:

One of our driving instructors will accompany you to a MVC location so you can pass your vision and theory tests.

  • You must complete 6 hours of driving lessons in order to receive a valid permit for a minimum of 6 months of supervised driving.
  • When you turn 17 and have completed the 6 month period of supervised driving, we will take you to your road tests.
  • If you pass your road test you will receive a provisional license and you must complete a minimum of one year of unsupervised driving.
  • When you turn 18 and have completed the one-year period of unsupervised driving, you will be eligible for your unrestricted basic driver license.

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