When we catch up with EZ Wheels Driving School’s recruitment liaison, we find someone single-handedly trying to fill the non-stop appetite of the trucking industry for drivers…  “I have so many companies looking for drivers with a commercial driver license,” he says, “that we have three job fairs this week alone, and I still can’t get as many drivers as companies need.”

A field that pays well and desperately needs new recruits?
“I tell you,” says one office manager, “there are companies practically begging for drivers…both large and small companies.  We even post job openings on our Facebook page.”

In an era when all you hear about are layoffs or dropping wages, the field of commercial truck driving is booming.  So when EZ Wheels Driving School says it offers job placement services, it means it.  From local driving to cross-country hauls, EZ Wheels always knows about job openings.  After nearly 20 years in business, the school has developed relationships with scores of companies, local and national, and recruiters routinely call the school, hoping to fill open positions.

“Our need is for Class A drivers, especially in the busy summer season,” says Tom J., a recruiter for a soda company who needs drivers willing to off-load by hand: “Ours is pretty physically demanding.”

For Xavier T., it’s all about finding “someone who is dedicated and wants to go for it. It’s not hard, but it’s not easy. It’s about responsibility.”  A graduate of EZ Wheels himself, the business owner enjoys working with his old school to find potential drivers for his company: “I really like them. They help you a lot.”

EZ Wheel Driving School hosts a job fair at least twice a month, with recruiters coming out to one of EZ’s five New Jersey locations, looking for graduates or soon-to-be-graduates.

“I was driving to Philadelphia the day after graduating,” says Pedro V., who got his Class A Commercial Driver License after attending EZ Wheels for 10 weeks.  “I was literally sitting in the EZ Wheels office when they got a call from the guy who ended up hiring me,” says Pedro, who left his job managing an auto parts shop for a trucking career.

“Whenever one job has finished up, I’ve called EZ Wheels and the ladies at the office connect me with a new job,” says Rick P., who prefers driving freelance assignments to a full-time job with any one company, “I like to be able to take time off and decide when and where I want to drive,” he explains, “and the fact that EZ Wheels has so many connections to job recruiters is great for us graduates. They’re always happy to help us out.”

Job fairs and online job postings are just two of the ways EZ Wheels Driving School sets itself apart from its competition.  Because it’s not just about helping you get a CDL, it’s about offering job placement that will help you get to work and on the road to success.