CDL Automatic Transmission



EZ wheels Driving School offers both Automatic transmission CDL training for tractor trailers and Manual transmission trucks all of which are available for CDL Training. We realize that more and more trucks each year are being purchased with automatic transmissions. For many like independent drivers and professional fleets, they are looking for automatic transmission trucks because they feel they can optimize fuel consumption better than manuals transmissions tractor trailers. Moreover, with a high demand for truck drivers, having a fleet of automatic transmission vehicles makes it easier to grow your driver roster. This is because it can be easier and much faster to learn compared to a manual transmission tractor trailer. Also, some drivers believe that automatic transmission tractor trailers reduce on driver fatigue.

We also realize that the majority of truck driving jobs and tractor trailers in the Industry are Manual Transmission trucks. If you have questions and would like to understand what training is best for you can contact us here.

CDL Training

To become a tractor trailer driver you will need to have a Class A CDL license. With a Class A CDL license you can also operate Class B vehicles and Class C vehicles, provided you have the proper extra CDL endorsements.
EZ Wheels Driving School and CDL COURSE is very unique. We offer 1 on 1 training, we will also provide the truck, either Automatic Transmission or Manual and the instructor. Unlike many other driving schools where you have to share the truck and time with other students. At EZ Wheels it is 1 on 1. The use of the truck, as well as the time you accumulate, is all yours! This is a big factor in helping you succeed in passing your test as well as reducing the overall time it will take to get your CDL License.

The first step is to begin studying and preparing for your theory tests with our proven method of study. You must pass 3 theory tests: general knowledge, air brakes and combination vehicles. The theory tests are administered at most Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) locations and consist of 50 questions for general knowledge, 25 questions for air brakes, 25 questions for combination vehicles.
After you pass all 3 required theory tests you will then begin to view our instructional videos, and you will also begin your driving lessons. Once you have mastered the tractor trailer driving, we will take you for your road tests.