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New Rules and Regulation NJMVC

May 18th, 2016 No Comments

New Rules and Regulation NJMVC

NJMVC has been making changes since last year in regards to rules and regulations to obtain a CDL License and maintain a CDL. These changes have come into effect following multiple accidents on the road involving truck drivers and bus drivers alike. These new rules have been placed into effect in an effort to reduce road accidents involving CDL Drivers. E-Z Wheels Driving School is very serious about road safety and we strive to impart our safe driving into all our students.

New Rules and Regulation

E-Z Wheels Driving School makes it a priority to keep current and prospective students up to date with all changes.

Changes that have been made in regards to obtaining a CDL are as follows:

  • Written Exams now expire after 360 days
  • Permit is valid for 6 months
  • CLP Examination Test Receipt (formerly CDL permit) is $125. This test receipt must be purchased before you can take your written and road tests.
  • CDL Paper Permit is now obsolete and is replaced by a digital CLP (Commercial Learner’s Permit) similar to the current CDL (Commercial Driver’s License)
  • ALL CDL Classes must attend a road test
  • Road Tests consist of a Pre-Trip Inspection of the inside (inside referring to inside of the hood) and outside of vehicles.
  • Vehicles will now be required to be driven out on public roads as part of road test


“NEW” CLP restrictions

  • K – Restriction for Intrastate only
  • L – Restriction for no vehicles with air brakes
  • P – No passenger restriction on CLP, if CLP has a P endorsement
  • V – Restriction for medical variance (the driver must also have the hard copy variance issued by FMCSA)
  • X – No Cargo in Tank restriction, if CLP has an N endorsement

These new rules have created mass confusion with students that were not aware of these changes; E-Z Wheels has taken action by easing the transition and coaching students every step of the way.

The more in depth road test requirements create the need of one on one hands on training; training that E-Z Wheels Driving School has always offered.

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