Truck Driving Past Minimum Wage: Now Hiring

What do a Technology Project Manager, a Business Graduate, and a Trucker have in common?
The same starting salary when they come out of school.

“Students can start making $52,000 a year as beginners,” says one instructor who has graduated countless truckers from EZ Wheels Driving School.

“It takes people 4 years and a big college bill to make that kind of money,” says the school’s job placement specialist, “Here, it can take one three months, depending on whether you study full or part-time.”

According to the latest salary figures published Money Magazine, that $52,000 figure beats the average starting salary among all new college graduates: $45,478.

The numbers are even more impressive when you consider what the median annual salary for a High School graduate is according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: $33,176.

Professional Pay Despite Language Limits

Jose P. came to the USA at 22, eager to pursue the American Dream. But going to college with no money and broken English was no option. Being a trucker sounded like an exciting way to get to know his new country, so Jose saved up $3000 to attend EZ Wheels Trucking School.

“I was working 12 hours a day at a factory, and I knew I wanted a better life,” he says.

In three months, Jose had his Class C Commercial Driving License and was driving tractor-trailers cross-country, making the kind of money that would let him buy his first home and provide for his mother. Gaining more experience over the years has only meant making more money.

“I earn in one week what it used to take me a month,” says Jose, whose trucking career allowed him to make good money AND improve his English on the road, all the while supporting his growing family and fulfilling his American Dream and seeing America from sea to shining sea.

“I couldn’t be happier with my decision to drive for a living,” he says.

No College, No Problem in this High-Paying Profession

“I wanted to study Criminal Justice,” says Cody M., but when his high school sweetheart had their first baby right after graduation “It changed everything. I wasn’t able to go to college.”

The New Jersey native bounced from one job to another, always looking for something that paid just a little bit more to support his growing family. Getting his Class B Commercial Driver License at EZ Wheels Driving School is the dawn of a brand new dream for the young dad:

“I would like to be able to pay for my kids to go to college and pay for whatever they need,” says Cody. “This is a new beginning, a chance to have the career I never had.”

Unbeatable Job Flexibility

If anyone understands the great advantages of a trucking career, it’s EZ Wheels’ own instructors, who have experience as truckers themselves.

“If you want to see the country, you can do that,” says one Passaic-based instructor, “If you want to drive locally and sleep in your bed every night, you can do that. The job flexibility is incredible. If there are parts of the country you prefer to drive, you can find those routes. You can drive all the time, or you can drive part-time. You can drive alone or with a partner. It’s completely up to you.”

“We are proud of our student’s success,” says another longtime EZ Wheels instructor, “I see people graduate and then I see them down the line, happy and successful. They come by and visit the school, they stop me when I’m out with my kids to thank me.”

“Everybody who has come through these doors, starting with each of us in this office, is proof,” says the Chief Instructor, “that with drive, you have no limits to achieving your American Dream.”
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