CDL Refresher Course Drivers Needed, Get Ready

CDL Refresher Course can get you back on track and in line for a better career.  At EZ Wheels Driving School we receive many questions from some truck drivers asking if they need a CDL Class A refresher course.  We also train many students/drivers who already know that they want and need the CDL refresher course before they can get a driving job. />
When you need a refresher course, you have already had the experience of going through a course or training and have not used it for a while.  You may not have the experience on updated and newer equipment.   Maybe you want to take advantage of the HIGH Demand for drivers and are ready to get that driving job you have always wanted.  Whatever the reason a CDL Refresher Course could be the answer. What you may not realize is that all driving schools are not the same.  One of the reasons EZ Wheels Driving School is so popular is the fact that we offer 1 on 1 training.  That’s right, with EZ Wheels you do not have to train or share valuable drive time with other students.  It’s just you, the truck and the EZ Wheels instructor.  We also offer flexible scheduling and weekend training so we meet your busy schedule.   We find the more convenient we make it, the better our students do.  Also, the better chance of completing the CDL Refresher Couse in a timely manner. You have 2 different opportunities to take a CDL Refresher Course:
  1. Through a trucking company financial program
  2. Applying directly with our accredited CDL training program
  The following are some guidelines to help identify whether you need a Refresher Course:  
  • if you have acquired your CDL Class A License and have not gone to work with a trucking company within 60 days of your graduation date, you could be required to take a 40 hour CDL refresher course
  • if you have been off the road for 12 months or more, you will likely need a 40 hour CDL refresher course
  We work with many of the different trucking companies.  It is important that once you have passed your training and licensing that you find the right job and company.  Our job placement program offers many different opportunities to our students.  Local jobs as well as long distant jobs.  We work with small regional truck driving companies as well as some of the biggest in the country. With EZ Wheels Driving School we keep the focus on you the student, you work on passing your tests and we will help also take the next step in your career. To sign up for a CDL Refresher Course click here CDL Enrollment