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The Defensive Driving Course NJ Edition

April 25th, 2016 No Comments

Why take the Defensive Driving Course in New Jersey?

The Defensive Driving Course NJ Edition

New Jersey defensive driving courses can be taken to:

  • Reduce up to 2 points from your driving record.
  • Earn an insurance discount.
  • Your ordered by the court to complete a traffic school course due to serious traffic violations.

How to get credit for the Defensive Driving Course NJ

When it comes Defensive Driving Course NJ Providers are not all made the same. Especially if you want your time and effort to count towards;

  • Lower insurance rates
  • Satisfying a court order
  • Reducing points off your NJ driver’s license

During your search, be sure you don’t go to just any website that promises the world all from the convenience of your own home. It is very, very important, especially in New Jersey, to take your defensive driving course from a state-approved licensed provider (like EZ Wheels Driving School). It is smart to attend your NJ traffic school in person, the course will be administered at a 3rd party location (not by the state of NJ), and you’ll be required to be in attendance for the entire duration of the course.

About Defensive Driving in NJ

Point Reduction

Taking a New Jersey defensive driving course for point reduction. After you have selected State-Approved Licensed Provider and have completed the course, 2 points will be removed from your New Jersey driver record. It’s important to know driving is a privilege, not a right, and if you accumulate too many points, your NJ driver’s license may be subject to suspension or revocation.

example of common driving infractions and the points that come with them.

  • Failure to stop your vehicle before a crosswalk: 2 points.
  • Driving through a safety zone: 2 points.
  • Failure to yield to emergency vehicles: 2 points.
  • Driving the wrong way on a one-way street: 2 points.
  • Improper turn: 3 points.
  • Improper U-turn: 3 points.
  • passing in a no passing zone: 4 points.
  • Exceeding speed limit 15 to 29 MPH over limit: 4 points.
  • Exceeding speed limit 30 MPH or more over limit: 5 points.
  • Reckless driving: 5 points.
  • Tailgating: 5 points.

NOTE: You may only receive a reduction of 2 points once every 5 years, and only if you have points on your driving record when you completed the course.

Insurance Discount

New Jersey defensive driving courses can also potentially decrease your car insurance rates. This only pertains if you choose to take the course on your own. If you have been ordered by the court to take the course most insurance companies will not lover the premium. In fact, depending on the infraction your insurance may go up.
What are the Defensive Driving Course Details?

The defensive driving course in New Jersey takes about 4 hours to complete. In some cases, it can take up to 8 hours.
The length of the final exam varies by state and is determined by the county where you received your violation. This number of questions on the exam will depend on your course. The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) and court regulations are the determining factors to decide if you’re able to retake the final exam if you don’t pass successfully.

Usually, your local court will send you a notice indicating if you are eligible to take a defensive driving course. However, as mentioned above, you should always check to see if you’re eligible BEFORE you enroll.

Check with your course provider to see when your deadline for completion is. Generally, if you do not successfully complete your course within the allotted time, you’ll fail the course and you won’t be eligible to get a refund.

I hope his brief article has helped give you some important general information about taking a Defensive Driving Course in NJ.

As Always, if you have any question about the defensive driving course, the times and locations of available classes, you can contact EZ WHEELS DRIVING SCHOOL by CLICKING HERE.

The best Defensive Driving School in NJ.

Ways to Cut Your Auto Insurance Costs

June 10th, 2013 No Comments
cut auto insurance costsIf you receive a moving violation in New Jersey, points will be added to your NJ driving license and driving record. Other violations such as parking tickets do not have points related with them. The NJ points system for moving violation traffic tickets range from 2 to 8 points. The higher the points, the higher the fines and possible surcharges.

Once you receive 6 points or more within 3 years, the NJ MVC will impose a surcharge plus point costs.

Before you reach 6 points, you can reduce the number of points on your driver’s license by 2 points when you complete the NJ defensive driving course available in E-Z Wheels Driving School for $75.00.

Benefits that you can Get with the 2 Points Reduction

The 2 point reduction defensive driving course can also help reduce your NJ car insurance rate. The NJ mandatory law declares upon completion of the 6 hour NJ defensive driving course, drivers are eligible to receive up to 10% reduction on their car insurance for 3 years. Contact your NJ auto insurance agent to confirm what percentage discount you’re eligible to receive.

Point Deduction

There are other ways that your points come off your New Jersey driver’s license.

One Year with No Violations = 3 points are removed
Defensive Driving Course Online = 2 points are removed

Out of State Tickets

image007If you have a NJ driver’s license and receive a ticket from another state (excluding Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Tennessee, and Wisconsin) you will receive points. For example, if you receive a speeding ticket in Florida you will get points added to your NJ driver’s license.

Ways to Cut Your Auto Insurance Costs

Review for savings your automobile insurance coverage every year. Follow; find some tips to help you reduce that bill:

Raise your deductible

Instead of forcing the insurer to pay claims in excess of $500, change your policy so that you pay the first $1,000. This will reduce your collision and comprehensive premiums significantly. By not filing small claims, you also avoid the risk of being charged higher premiums or even having your policy canceled.

Drop collision and comprehensive coverage on older cars.
If your car is worth less than $1,000, the cost for collision coverage could be more than what you’d recover if the car were in a crash. Use a site like Kelley Blue Book to determine your car’s value. But make sure that you keep your auto liability coverage.

Ask about discounts.

Many carriers reduce their prices if you buy coverage for two or more cars or if you buy homeowners coverage from them as well. You can also get discounts if your car has antilock brakes, air bags, automatic seat belts, alarms or antitheft devices, or if you complete a driver education course. Some discounts are also available if you are a member of certain professional, business or alumni associations, so ask your association and also check with your insurer.

Manage the cost of insuring teen drivers.

It costs more to insure young drivers, but some insurers reduce their rates for good students, students who go to school more than 100 miles away from home and don’t take a car with them, or teenagers who have completed defensive driver classes. You may also save money by “re-garaging” a car if your child takes his or her car to school in a town where car insurance rates are lower.

Pay your bill once per year.

Insurance companies let you pay in monthly or quarterly installments, but you’ll pay more than if you pay the entire bill once each year.

Don’t duplicate coverage.

If your credit card or association membership offers towing and roadside assistance, don’t pay your insurance company to provide these benefits.

Drive less.

The fewer miles you drive each year, the lower your premium. And if you don’t drive to work, your costs will be even less. Make sure that your insurer knows how many miles you drive and prices your policy accordingly.

Park in a garage.

Cars stored in protected environments are less likely to be stolen or hit by other cars. Tell your insurer if you park in a garage and see if you can get a price break as a result.

Maintain good credit.

Insurance companies believe that people who are responsible with their money are more likely to be responsible drivers. A good credit record can translate into lower premiums.

Also Know:

Other people’s driving records affect your rate.
Believe it or not, other drivers’ past behavior influences your insurance rate. That’s because insurers track the average insurance claim for every car make and model, and they use the data to help determine their rates. If drivers of a specific vehicle tend to have more accidents, incur more frequent or higher claims, or have their cars stolen more often, insurance companies will charge higher rates for everyone who drives the same type of car.

Consider the Subaru Impreza WRX, which ranks the highest for insurance losses for 2005 to 2007 models and has losses that are 89% worse than the average car, according to the Highway Loss Data Institute. Chances are that people who own that car pay more for auto insurance than owners of the discontinued Buick Rendezvous, which ranked lowest on the list, with losses 39% lower than average. It makes sense: A car with lots of horsepower like the WRX is going to attract a much different driver than a midsize SUV designed for taking children to soccer games.

So if you’re in the market for a new car and serious about keeping car insurance costs low or simply ask your insurer for a price quote before you decide which model to buy.

Vehicles With the Lowest Insurance Claims

1. Buick Rendezvous
2. Pontiac Solstice
3. Buick Terraza
4. Honda Odyssey
5. Mazda MX-5 Miata
6. Subaru Outback
7. Ford Five Hundred
8. Volvo V70
9. Chrysler Town & Country
10. Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

Vehicles With the Highest Insurance Claims

1. Subaru Impreza WRX
2. Scion tC
3. Hyundai Tiburon
4. Mercedes CLS-Class (4-door)
5. Suzuki Forenza
6. Honda Civic Si
7. Dodge Charger
8. Nissan 350Z
9. Chevrolet Cobalt
10. Suzuki Reno

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